“Every day a fool is born” At this event, we heard from three very different characters who first met through an earlier startUp.connect Night. Marius met Sebastian that night and the next day received a message from Rafael asking if he could participate in their project – thus the happyhotel team was born. You notice immediately that they are all very passionate about their company. Happyhotel is budgeting tool for the hotel industry designed to help calculate room rates. The three explain why they are so motivated to spend long hours on this project after working all day at their regular jobs. It is the ambition to build something themselves and the passion to see it set in motion. Marius laughingly explains that sometimes one or another of them loses sight of their goal or struggles to stay motivated. This, he says, is what the team is for; it keeps the project fun, helps motivate each member, and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone. It started with just 300 euros for seed capital – 280 of which are currently still in the joint account. Which goes to show you, sometimes it only costs time not money. Rafael has a very simple reason for keeping his day job: it takes the financial pressure off you and your startup, and at the same time maintains your professional network. That way, you have very little to lose. Many have ideas, only a few act. Most of the time this is not due to the quality of the idea, but to the unwillingness to take risks or make sacrifices in everyday life. Founding a startup is a long-term project that is not as simple as reading a few books or taking a couple tutorials, though that can help. In addition to the team’s varied education and different capabilities, Sebastian points out that a good network in the industry is vital to success. As the son of a hotelier, Sebastian knows the hotel industry inside and out. In addition to sharing their passion for their work Marius, Rafael and Sebastian clearly demonstrate how a visit to the startUp.connect Night can present us with a completely new perspective or an unexpected opportunity.