State funding for startUp.connect – the startup network of Ortenau

But where did the initiative begin?

In the collaboration of the municipalities in Ortenaukreis and around 170 Ortenau companies as the Wirtschaftsregion Ortenau (WRO). As a regional economic promotion agency, the WRO takes care of establishing and maintaining the startup ecosystem on the Upper Rhine under the brand name startUp.connect and supports founders from their initial idea to the business model. 

StartUp.connect accompanies founders from the implications of founding a business to networking in the economic region and municipalities. The modular structure of startUp.connect programs focus on the early phase of founding a company. In the Black Forest Accelerator, startUp.connect accompanies would-be founders from inception to viable business model  in a part-time program that spans eight workshop weekends over a 4-6 month period with individual coaches and mentors. In addition, startUp.connect networks startups, established companies and municipalities with regard to innovation and knowledge transfer. Based in the Technologie Park Offenburg, startUp.connect is the point of contact for all founders and interested parties in Ortenaukreis.

This forms the basis for the award as a startup-friendly municipality of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the promotion of the inter-communal concept of startUp.connect.