A constructive and busy weekend is behind us. 40 participants programmed, visualized and conceived from 12.-14. October in the Technologie Park Offenburg on the subject of Blockchain. On Friday, the program started with informative lectures. Karsten Wendland starts with “Blockchain – opportunities and application examples for companies, society and citizens”, thus laying the foundations for understanding Blockchain. Swen Laempe deepened the topic with the practical example: “Get out of the jungle of points & loyalty cards” – live demo of a blockchain mockup with Alexa. You can find the lectures in full length on our YouTube channel. Teams were divided on Friday evening, and the participants collaborated on their projects until Sunday. Ideas ranged from a digital handshake to voting via a loyalty card system to mapping a supply chain. Prizes were awarded in the categories Business, Vision and Technology by a selected panel.

Together with sevDesk, Schrempp EDV and the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg we successfully organized the second annual Black Forest Hackathon and, once again, it was a lot of fun. Here’s a look