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Black Forest Accelerator

Our commitment: from idea to impelmentation

Your Journey from Founder to Entrepreneur

You opened the door and took the first step… now what?
We offer a variety of programs, mentoring and assistance to help you on your way

1. Initial consultation

You want to know what we can do for you – we want to know what you need. Make an appointment and come see us.

2. startUp.connect Night

The meeting place for entrepreneurs, founders and those who want to be one. Exchange ideas with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere – exciting lectures included.

3. Pre-Accelerator

You have an idea you want to turn into a startup? Our two-day workshops offer you the chance to hone your ideas, brainstorm concepts, and lay the right foundation for your company.

Free of charge

4. Pitch your idea

A chance to pitch your idea in front of a panel of experts, receive direct feedback, and even find a mentor – you’ll only get that here!

5. Black Forest Accelerator

The first part-time program for startup founders in secondary and full-time employment. Together with Startup BW, the Black Forest Accelerator will accompany you with workshops, coaches and mentors to turn your idea into a viable business model within 4-6 months.

6. Your Own Office

From a desk in our co-working space to a private office – we have the space you need where other like-minded entrepreneurs work and thrive.

We also offer conference rooms and locations for small events.

An overview of what we can do for you


Chat, discuss, debate, brainstorm; we’re all ears!


We have a variety of experts to help you on your way.

Opening Doors

The WRO provides access to global market leaders, innovators and successful businesses.

Workshops and Presentations

Networking, concept building, financial planning, branding, etc. – we cover it all!


Whether you need co-working space, offices or flexible conference rooms the TPO has many possibilities.


Tired? Not here!

Call or email us anytime

Your Idea. Your Journey.